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The Introduction

There is no doubt of the skill Miles Mossop has as a wine grower. It is a skill best described as the vinous equivalent of an accomplished wordsmith who weaves together eccentric characters and riveting events to enable his stories to capture and lubricate the readers imagination. Miles has always believed that wine displays the vagaries of time through subtle reflection of the vintage. Collate these vintage expressions as chapters of a vineyard manuscript and you have the makings of a captivating story – a story that offers insights into the real characters behind a glass of wine like soil, weather and the grape variety itself. And where there’s a story there’s always an introduction.

The Introduction adds depth to the existing Miles Mossop Wines portfolio and acquaints you with two single varieties used in the eponymous blends – Chenin blanc and a Cabernet Sauvignon led blend. Here they express themselves skilfully and thoughtfully unencumbered by new oak, showing vibrancy and freshness that offers earlier enjoyment.